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'v' in the middle of a word



To explore the occurrence of certain letters within words, eg v and k; deduce some of the conventions for using them at the beginnings, middles and endings of words.


Can you work out the word, with 'v' in the middle, from the definition?


  1.   A person who swims underwater.  
  2.   A person who thinks of new things to make.  
  3.   London has one called the Thames.  
  4.   The inverse operation of multiply.  
  5.   Baby cows. (plural)  
  6.   An organ in the body.  
  7.   A book has a front and a back one.  
  8.   The postman does this to the post.  
  9.   You can wear a pair of these to keep you warm.  
10.   A four-leafed one is supposed to be lucky!  


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*Extension Activity

See how many more words you can find with 'v' in the middle.  Use a dictionary to help you.  Write down a sentence for each of the words to show that you understand the meaning of the word.  

Make a list with meanings like the examples above and give them to your teacher to see if they can be used on the website too.


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