R O U N D _ C O L O U R



'tion' or 'sion'?


Do you get confused with words ending in tion or sion? A quick way of remembering is if the word sounds like 'shun' then it will end in tion, if it sounds more like 'zhun' then it will end in sion. Try these spellings for yourself.


  1.   A place where you catch a train is a railway
  2.   When the teacher is talking you need to give them your full
  3.   The inverse operation of multiplication is
  4.   To do your best during tests you should have done some
  5.   Your auntie is a
  6.   When you have done your homework, then you can watch
  7.   When you explain something you give an 
  8.   When you try and influence someone you could use
  9.   Younger children need
10.   Touching wood to bring you luck is a
When you have finished, click on the 'finished' button to check your answers.

Created with ArgoSphere's Test Maker - www.argosphere.net

2007 St Ambrose Barlow Catholic Primary School

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