R O U N  D _ C O L O U R

Year 3 Spelling Resources

These spellings are taken from The National Literacy Strategy Spelling Bank.  They include KS2 spelling objectives.

Printable Documents: These are PDF files, which can either be saved or printed. They contain 20 weekly spellings, using Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check;  and the alternative spelling booklets contain 10 weekly spellings.


Online Activities:  Check how well you know your spelling by playing one of these  activities, specially created to practise the rule.

Term 1

Term 1
Spelling Booklet Cover Ronans (doubling)
Spelling Booklet Prefixes 1
  Prefixes 2

Term 2 Term 2
Spelling Booklet Cover Ad 'er'
Spelling Booklet Add 'y'
  Plurals 1
  Plurals 2
  Plurals 3
  Compound Words 1
  Compound Words 2
  Compound Words 3
  Apostrophes 1
  Apostrophes 2
  Silent Letters 1

Term 3 Term 3
Spelling Booklet Cover No activities yet
Spelling Booklet

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