R O U N D _ C O L O U R



cian, sion, tion, ssion*



To recognise and spell the suffix: cian, sion, tion, ssion


Choose the correct ending for the word.  Read the notes at the end of the exercise to help you with these spelling rules.


  1.   A doctor is sometimes known as a
  2.   A drum is what sort of instrument?
  3.   If you need blood during an operation you can have a
  4.   If you are lost, you can ask for
  5.   Someone who deals with electric problems is known as an
  6.   A huge house is known as a
  7.   If a story is not true it is
  8.   If you own something you have
  9.   Someone who does magic tricks is a
10.   If something blows up there is an
When you have finished, click on the 'finished' button to check your answers.

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* Extension activity - Write down some sentences containing each of the words to show that you understand the meaning.


    Spelling rules for these suffixes


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