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Nouns to Verbs *



To transform words, eg changing tenses: ed, ing; negation: un, im, il; making comparatives; er, est, ish; changing verbs to nouns, eg ion, ism, ology: nouns to verbs; ise, ify, en

We can change nouns to verbs by adding the suffixes; 'ise', 'ify' 'ate' or 'en'. How many of these can you do?


1.     If you give someone a fright, you them.

2.     When you make a programme for television, you it.

3.     If you fill someone with terror; you can them.

4.     If you take out an advertisement, you a         product or service.

5.     When you turn something from a solid to a liquid, you it.

6.     A critic can a book or a film.

7.     When you use punctuation in a sentence, you the sentence.

8.     You use a magnet to something.

9.     When you turn on an electric appliance, you are sending a charge of through it.

10.    When you write a work of fiction, you an account.


When you have finished, click on the 'finished' button to check your answers.


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* Extension activity - see how many more words you can find with these suffixes.   Use a dictionary to help you.  Write down a sentence containing each of the words to show that you understand the meaning.


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