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Homophones 3


A homophone is a word which sounds almost the same as another, but is spelt in a different way and has a different meaning. 

Two is a number. 

To - going to the shop, going to school. 

Too - too much or too many. 


Read the following sentences and choose the correct word from the drop-down box.


 I had books in my bag.

 Mum wanted know where I had been.

 "Can you come the cinema with me on Saturday?" asked Jack.

 "Would you like the last cake?" asked Lisa. "Or have you eaten much already?"

 "I think you have been watching many space programmes!" exclaimed the teacher, as she read the children's stories.

 "I know how hard it is make up your mind, when there is so much choice," said dad.

 "I don't want you arguing over the television programmes," said Grandma.

 "Do you think we get much homework, or not enough?" asked Mary.

 "Would you pass the scissors me please?" John asked.

 "We are going Blackpool on Saturday!" shouted Ben, excitedly.

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