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Homophones 2

Homophones are words which almost sound the same, but have different meanings and are spelled differently.

Where - is a place

Were - is a verb - we were going to the shop

We're is a contraction-  it is short for 'We are'


Read the sentences and choose the correct word from the drop-down box.

 I asked you to tell me you were going.

 Jane showed us how high the children able to jump.

 I think going to have some snow soon.

 "How many books on the shelf yesterday?" asked Tom/

 Don't forget to look you are going!

 "I can see all going to get along just fine," smiled Sam.

 "If you look I am pointing, you will see the shoes," said mum, crossly.

 Dad asked, have you been till this time?

 "Do you know the hospital is please?" asked the driver of the car.

 The children of Barlow house the winners of the house cup last term.

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