R O U N D _ C O L O U R



'ed' endings 1*


To spell regular word endings s, ed, ing

Can you turn the present tense verb into the past tense by adding ed?  Remember the Ronan rule when the final consonant follows a short vowel.

  1.   milk      
  2.   fizz      
  3.   show      
  4.   grab      
  5.   play      
  6.   shop      
  7.   train      
  8.   look      
  9.   burn      
10.   beg      
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* Extension activities - see how many more words you can find using this rule.   Use a dictionary to help you.  Give a list of the words to your teacher to see if they can be included on the website.  Write down a sentence containing each of the words to show that you understand the meaning.


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