R O U N D _ C O L O U R



Missing Sounds

Year 1 term 2


To discriminate, blend and spell initial consonant clusters:

 cl, sw, sh, fr, sl, dr, sk, sl, pl, st


Can you find the missing sound?     Type in the whole word.

  1.                   cl*p       
  2.          sh*p      
  3.                        sw*m      
  4.                  fr*g      
  5.                      sl*p      
  6.                fl*g      
  7.                          st*p      
  8.                    pl*m      
  9.                 sk*p      
10.                       dr*m      
When you have finished, click on the finished button to check your answer.

Created using Testmaker fromThe Big Bus - www.thebigbus.com


2007 St Ambrose Barlow Catholic Primary School

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